How Sales and Marketing Teams Can Benefit from Using a Data Room

Sales and marketing teams are the backbone of most organizations. Together these teams are the driving force behind a company's top line: revenue. As such, the content they create, store, and share for initiatives like raising brand awareness and closing deals are extremely valuable. 

Their product information, price lists, proposals, customer contacts, partner lists, design specs, product tutorials, and more could be protected, controlled, and tracked using a data room.  

A Data Room Controls User Access & Tracks Content Usage

Consider the example of a fictitious global distributor, ABC Vending. They provide detailed product lists and price sheets to their valued distributors around the world. It seems a simple enough process for a sales associate to email these materials to a potential new distributor they're trying to sign up.

Unbeknownst to the ABC sales associate, the new distributor's budget-conscious procurement person, Thomas, decides to share the product list and price sheet around to his LinkedIn Group and other personal networks, asking for feedback on whether they think ABC's prices are reasonable and whether their product range is sufficient. Seems harmless right? 


Not. At. All.

A sales associate from one of ABC's major competitors was in that same LinkedIn Group and now ABC's sensitive content is being shared with senior management at the said competitor, giving them a competitive advantage in the market. 

Additionally, a woman considering a startup company in the same space can see this same shared content in the group too. Armed with this information, she decides to launch a company of her own using ABC Vending’s pricing sheet and product lists as her first piece of market research to get it off the ground. 

To make matters worse, it was discovered that all the sales associates at ABC Vending were emailing documents around without any security or tracking measures in place so upper management couldn't quite trace where the leak occurred, or who it occurred by.

If all the sales associates at ABC Vending had access to a company-owned secure data room, this valuable and sensitive information could have been protected from leaks. Vitrium offers exactly that, a secure data room with complete protection, control, and tracking of your digital assets so only 'authorized' users - those who you provide permission to view your content - can access this via a central, secure data room.

The bonus: you will know exactly when someone logs into your data room, which documents or videos they view, and even how much time they spent viewing the content! 

Use Case: Manufacturing & Technology Companies

If you are in the manufacturing or technology business, building machines, equipment, toys, developing software, designing robots, or inventing the next best technology gadget, your internal sales and marketing materials must be protected or at least controlled and tracked. 

Everything from your roadmap plans, design specs, product guides, price lists, tutorial videos, training manuals, and more - should be saved in a central location, a secure data room where user access can be controlled. This is the basic principle of digital rights management (DRM), controlling user access. 


DRM controls allow you to regulate how long someone can view the content for, on how many devices, from which IP addresses, which countries, and more. Vitrium provides a secure data room combined with a DRM solution for all types of digital content.

Villarreal Division de Equipos (VDE) is a Mexican manufacturing company and Vitrium customer. Their sales team uses Vitrium to protect the price lists and proposals that it sends to its prospective clients and partners throughout Central and South America. 

They distribute the content using Vitrium's secure portal and apply various DRM controls to their content. They also love Vitrium's tracking capabilities as they can see which content is being opened by which clients of theirs at any given time.

Use Case: Marketing Departments

Your marketing team could take advantage of a data room by uploading all (or some) of your company’s marketing content and incorporating very lightweight authentication methods (an email address only perhaps). You can upload case studies, datasheets, videos, white papers, eBooks, and more. 


Once the content has been uploaded into the data room and you've set all the appropriate user access controls, your marketing team or sales team can then send the data room link to new prospects, whether they’re your MQLs or SQLs. The analytics will provide your team with valuable insights about which prospects are the most engaged, which content is being viewed or read the most, and how often people are coming back to review the content.

One of Vitrium's clients is a Fortune 500 technology company. The marketing division of this company uses Vitrium Security to track which white papers or eBooks their clients open and how long they spend viewing the content. This type of information feeds back into the company's annual content planning sessions so they can continue to improve and evolve their content or make the tough decision to pull a content piece completely from their library if they see little to no activity with it over the year.

Use Case: Vitrium - We Are Our Own Best Customer

At Vitrium, we know that our products and services are valuable, and that’s why we use them ourselves. Our sales team sends prospective customers a link to our own secure data room that includes our videos, case studies, datasheets, and other helpful marketing content that we use to track and gauge how interested a potential customer might be in our solutions. 

Read more of Vitrium’s Case Studies.

Your Sales and Marketing Materials Belong in a Secure Data Room

Perhaps Audienti said it best when they said, “A particularly clever or creative marketing idea or method is a very valuable, and vulnerable, piece of intellectual property (IP) and is one of the most critical business assets you have. As with anything of value, you are responsible for protecting it from harm and theft if you intend to keep it. If not managed properly, colleagues, rivals, and prospective clients are all potential idea high-jackers.”

Every piece of content created for your sales and marketing teams must be protected. Secure data rooms take just moments to set up, but they give you long-term peace of mind knowing that users won’t be able to access anything inside it without the proper authorization and they also provide you with valuable data insights about how your content is being consumed. Click here to learn more about our secure VDR solution with added DRM capabilities..

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