Vitrium Systems’ Smart Document Technology Available in Korea and Japan

Pandamo brings Vitrium Systems’ PDF solutions to Korea and Japan through their new partnership.

Seoul, Korea (November 30, 2010) - Vitrium Systems Inc., a leading provider of PDF smart document technology solutions, today announced a partnership with Pandamo Korea. Pandamo is now the exclusive distributor and systems integrator of Vitrium Systems’ PDF digital rights management (DRM) solution, protectedpdf, in Korea and Japan. Pandamo will also be supplying Vitrium’s forms capabilities as well. Pandamo will hold this exclusivity until at least July, 2012.

Through Vitrium’s protectedpdf, Pandamo will allow its customers to have the ability to control and track the distribution of PDFs, protect intellectual property and prevent unauthorized distribution of electronic content. With Vitrium’s forms solution, Pandamo’s customers will have the ability to generate more leads from white papers, case studies, and other PDF-based content.

“We are excited to provide Pandamo customers with these two smart document technologies,” says ByoungSoo Park, CEO at Pandamo. “In the era of social media, Vitrium’s solutions will allow for safe distribution of PDF content over social networks, as well as capture information to see how content is being accessed and generate leads.”

“Pandamo will be the first to bring Vitrium’s smart document technology to Korea and Japan, and we are excited about this opportunity to venture into a new market,” says Romain Mercier, Director of Business Development at Vitrium Systems.

Vitrium’s solutions are available to Japan and Korea through Pandamo’s websites: www.pandamo.co.kr (Korea), and www.pandamo.co.jp (Japan).

About Vitrium Systems

Vitrium Systems provides Smart Document Technology that empowers publishers of PDF documents to control, track and interact with their readers. With Vitrium's innovative technology, organizations can create intelligent PDFs that control and protect content, track and analyze reader behavior, and generate sales leads. For more information, visit www.vitrium.com.

About Pandamo

Pandamo Korea brings the world of online book publishing to you in Korean and Japan.  It’s that simple.  Our easy-to-use online publishing platform allows you to publish and sell in minutes. With Pandamo Korea you can self publish and distribute your eBook in PDF format with the click of a mouse. For more information, visit www.pandamo.co.kr ; www.pandamo.co.jp.


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