New "Skip to Page" Feature

At Vitrium, we’ve always strived to balance your and your company's need for strong content protection with easy and functional access for the end user. We have recently introduced a ‘skip to page’ feature in the Vitrium Web Viewer. If you have a long document with numerous chapters or sections and you want to direct your customers to a specific page or chapter, you can now do this! 

To apply this to your content, simply add “#page=1” to the end of a document Web Viewer URL link. The number following the “=” will be the corresponding page number of the document that the link will open.

Below, you can see an example of our updated web viewer feature going directly to page 30:


Another way for this feature to be showcased can be through the education space. In the current state of digital learning, this feature can allow educational content providers to link chapters of books directly through their websites. Students can then access specific pages by following the simple steps shown above. 

Any documents, educational content, training or other materials your organization distributed are important. This feature can save time for you and your clients while also making sure your content is protected! Rather than scrolling endlessly through content trying to find a certain page, users can provide their clients with a direct link to a specific page.

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