How Tracking & Analytics Improve User Experience

There are several options when the time comes to choose a DRM system, however, there are few that offer tools that not only help you protect your content, but also provide you with tools to improve your user experience and better cater to your customers’ needs.

One of the most valuable assets you should look for in a digital rights management (DRM) system is the ability to understand how your content is performing, and how your users are engaging with it.

Having control over your content, and revenue, is not just about determining who has access to which materials or what kind of permissions and/or restrictions you will set, but also about looking at user behaviour and tailoring your content accordingly. 



Naturally, your revenue comes from the content you are working tirelessly to produce and distribute, therefore, you want to ensure this content is as close to what your users require as possible. Having your customer in mind will allow you to create and share your materials in a way that is akin to their interests and behaviour patterns.

Gaining a complete understanding of which content to provide and how to share it, as well as how your customers are accessing information, will ultimately allow you to provide an excellent user experience, and, therefore, boost your revenue.

What is Tracking & Analytics in DRM

Tracking and analytics refers to the capability of obtaining detailed information regarding the behaviour of each single user, as well as the performance of each piece of content you upload and share. As a company that creates, produces, and distributes valuable information tracking and analytics gives you the opportunity to access detailed information for the content files and customers within your database. 


With a quality DRM solution that thoroughly protects your valuable intellectual property, you will also have the ability to gain real-time insightful information on who is accessing which file, when they are accessing it and from which device or platform. You will also be able to gather information on which content is accessed the most within a specific period of time, which document is opened the most, what kind of files (i.e documents, pictures, videos, etc.) are more popular within your users, even which specific pages within a document your users are spending the most time reading.


All of these details provide extremely valuable information regarding your content, and will give you the insight necessary to further transform your materials into assets that are tailored to your customers and which specifically target their wants and needs as consumers. Providing content that is valuable not just for the sake of bearing important information, but also because it is exclusive and uniquely tailored to the market you are catering to will effectively allow you to position your content, namely, your product, at a higher price-point. 





Tracking & Analytics for User Experience

Each individual element in your tracking and analytics arsenal will further improve your user experience. Ultimately, the right combination of these tools, alongside a robust content security strategy and DRM controls, will situate your company and your content at a higher level. Evidently, providing content that is better suited for your users automatically improves their experience, seeing as they are receiving valuable information that is tailored to them. Accessing and consuming these materials will be all the more enjoyable to them.


With a content security and audit log, for example, you are able to see every single time a given customer attempts to access a content file, each attempt is recorded in real-time, including the date and the time. Whoever accesses the file will be logged in this record, their username as well as the name of the file they are accessing will be visible to you. Moreover, you will be able to gather information on the way they are attempting to view this content, whether they are accessing a secure PDF or a Web Link, as well as which device and IP address they are using to view the file.  




This is valuable in that it will allow you to understand which files are being accessed the most and by whom. If a significant amount of your users, for example, access the information through a Web Link rather than a secure PDF, you can then improve your Web Viewer and perhaps add tools that facilitate the way they consume content. You could, for example, include annotation tools. 


Another important element is the read through rate and the total time spent on each file. With this tool, you will have page-level analytics that will allow you to monitor the level of engagement each content file has with the group of users it's being shared with through Secure Web Links. The read through rate refers to the total number of pages a certain user has viewed in relation to the total amount of pages in the content file. Additionally, you can track the total amount of time spent each user spends on each page and how many times each page was accessed. These details are crucial for providing content that is enjoyable and will be valuable to your customers. As a content developer and provider, gaining these insightful pieces of information and further understanding how your users engage with your content allows you to create materials that are specifically made for your customers. Evidently, this significantly improves their experience, as the content they are consuming is created according to their own behaviours.  



Lastly, tracking and analytics allows you to better support your customers. Attempts to access files can fail for several reasons. A user might be using the wrong username or password, a certain restriction or policy might have been reached or violated. With a tracking and analytics tool, each reason for failed access will be attributed a specific Error Code, this way, you will have a detailed guide which includes each code and an explanation that corresponds to it. Understanding why access was not granted allows you to better support your customers. It allows you to provide better customer support and effectively identify issues with specific files or users, as well as common issues that might be occurring with your content and users. This will significantly improve user experience for your customers, since you are able to provide detailed support and speedy solutions to any issues they might have, it will also allow you to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future, making their experience more straightforward overall. 


Boost your Revenue With Tracking and Analytics


A DRM system that provides these tools is more than necessary if you want to differentiate yourself as a content developer and provider. Again, a detailed tracking and analytics strategy provides valuable insight into your content and users. This information can be used to develop a product that is fine-tuned to your audience, and an experience determined by excellent and speedy customer support. By positioning your company and your product at a higher level within the market, you will be able to increase your revenue. Choosing a quality content security system, like Vitrium Security, will allow you to have a product that is tailored to users, obtain the ability to further develop that product to better meet their needs, and offer exceptional support when resolving technical issues.




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