What Is Document DRM Software & Why Do You Need It?

Document Digital Rights Management (DRM) software refers to the combination of settings, permissions or restrictions you add to a digital file to keep it secured. This software enables you to protect your digital documents and prevent them from being unlawfully copied or shared. With document DRM, you can keep your content exclusive and your intellectual property protected


What is Document DRM Software?

Document DRM software is the tool that enables you to protect digital assetsdocuments in this caseto be securely distributed online. It is the process of protecting documents that may be a source of revenue to your organization, confidential, or sensitive in nature. Document DRM encrypts your digital files and uses a series of settings and controls so that you have complete authority over who has access to your content and how they access it. 


A comprehensive document DRM system allows you to add a broad set of security measures to your content so you can distribute it with the peace of mind that it will not be unlawfully downloaded, copied, or shared. It ensures, firstly, that only authorized users can access them. Secondly, it enables you to put restrictions and rules in place to determine how files are accessed. Overall, it provides you with the freedom to define the way in which your documents are accessed and viewed. 

How Does Document DRM Work?

DRM software works by applying a 128-bit AES encryption to your digital document. During the encryption process, the Vitrium technology is wrapping layers of encryption around your document and converts the document into two encrypted formats. 1) Secure Web Link. 2) Secure downloadable PDF. Applying flexible DRM policies to the encrypted content, ensures users can then access and consume content within the parameters you've set. 


With a quality DRM document software you can:

  • Protect your documents & convert them to a secure web format or a downloadable protected PDF
  • Prevent printing, downloading, copying or sharing
  • Apply dynamic user identifying watermarks
  • Set expiry dates, device limits, open limits & control access by IP address or location
  • Provide your users with online or offline access
  • Provide seamless access to content in browsers, a customizable user portal, or your website
  • Integrate with existing business systems
  • Provide single sign-on (SSO) access
  • Identify who is accessing your documents, when, where, & how
  • Be in complete control over your IP, ensuring only authorized users have access

Why Should You Use Document DRM Software?

Copying and sharing content is extremely easy in the digital age. Documents can be easily uploaded and downloaded with a simple click, and while this makes our lives easier, it also puts digital content at high risk of being unlawfully copied or shared. 

The digital documents you distribute online may be a source of revenue, they may contain sensitive information, or they may be confidential. By failing to protect them, they can easily land in the wrong hands, harming your organization. If you leave your content unprotected, you put it at risk of being plagiarized and, even worse, tampered with. 


invest document security

You need to protect your digital documents with DRM to ensure your valuable intellectual property (IP) is not violated. Deciding how files are accessed and establishing specific controls will keep you in total control of your content.

Rely on document DRM software to: 

  • Protect your digital content 

  • Prevent unauthorized copying or sharing

  • Maintain complete control

  • Secure your margins & bottom line 

How Can Vitrium Help?

Vitrium offers a high quality DRM software to protect your documents without affecting your users’ experience. It provides you with the ideal balance between content protection and ease of use, ensuring that your content is secured. With Vitrium’s document DRM, you are in complete control, free to choose your DRM controls and decide how to distribute your content.

Choose Vitrium to get: 

Strong protection & encryption: choose from numerous DRM options, decide to allow or prevent printing, copying, downloading or screen sharing, add user-identifying watermarks.

Seamless user access: Vitrium does not require plug-ins or apps. Documents are quick and easy to access on any device. Provide extensive annotation capabilities on documents and a truly customizable viewing experience with the Vitrium viewer.

Secure content distribution: share documents with authorized users. Start as simple as copying a web link in an email or use Vitrium’s custom user portal. Connect Vitrium with the system of your choice to automate your workflows and offer single sign-on to your users. 

Tracking & analytics: gain valuable insight into how users are accessing and consuming documents. Identify who is accessing content, when and how. Learn what your top performing documents are, identify most active users, and make informed decisions.

If you wish to learn more about our document DRM software, click here to get in touch with us or book a free demo to see it in action!



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