What Is eBook DRM?

If you produce or distribute digital content in the form of ebooks, then you probably have been faced with the issue of copyrighting and protecting your intellectual property. A statistic shows that up to 37% of income is lost each year due to ebook piracy. Additionally, up to 38% of people access digital content illegally. If left unprotected, your ebooks can easily be a part of this statistic, and your organization could fall victim to piracy. 

You must consider implementing a system to protect your digital content. Relying on ebook digital rights management, or ebook DRM (Digital Rights Management), can help you solve this problem. Putting you in complete control of your content and helping you secure your revenue streams, a quality DRM software will thoroughly protect your ebooks. 




What is eBook DRM?

Simply put, ebook DRM refers to a set of digital rights management settings and permissions that prevent your ebooks from being illegally copied or shared. Digital Rights Management enables you to add different layers of security to your ebooks, ensuring that they are only accessible to your users or customers, and putting a stop to unauthorized distribution. 

With a good DRM software, you can choose a set of policies to control who has access to your ebooks and how they’re accessed. You can also add more granular controls, such as expiry dates and device limits to deter potential copyright violations. Overall, ebook DRM enables you to use advanced policies, keep control, and protect your revenue

Why Do You Need eBook DRM?

As a content creator or provider, you and your teams spend time and resources developing, editing, marketing, and selling the ebooks you distribute. If you don’t protect them with an advanced DRM software, they are at high risk of being pirated. This can effectively harm your bottom line. If your ebooks land in the hands of unauthorized users, they could: 

  • Be copied or shared

  • Get stolen or repurposed

  • Be redistributed without your permission

Ebook piracy can also harm your reputation if your content, for example, is tampered with and falsely distributed as your own. You need ebook DRM to ensure your digital content remains exclusive to your authorized users, to protect your intellectual property, revenue streams, and, overall, your organization.




Which eBook DRM Settings Should You Consider?


There are numerous DRM settings you can choose from to keep your ebooks secured, and you should take the time to select the ones that align best with your particular needs and workflows. However, there are a few that should always be taken into account:

  • Prevent sharing, downloading and, copying:
        This will ensure your ebooks are not tampered with, plagiarized, or accessed by unauthorized users 

  • Set expiry dates, device limits and control printing:
        This will give you more control over how your ebooks are accessed, and how users interact with your content

  • Set open limits, IP address limits, and control access by country:
        This will allow you to control how many times users can access content, and ensure only authorized users from a certain IP address or specific location can view your protected eBook.

  • Provide users with offline access:
        This will allow users to access their protected eBook offline, on their chosen device

  • Apply user-identifying watermarks:
        This will deter potential copyright violations and help you determine who the violators are




How Can Vitrium Help?


Vitrium offers a high quality drm software to protect your ebooks without affecting your users’ experience. It provides you with the ideal balance between content protection and ease of use, ensuring that your content is secured and that your end users have an excellent user-experience when consuming the content you provide. With Vitrium’s ebook DRM, you are in complete control, free to choose your DRM controls and decide how to distribute your content.

If you wish to learn more about our ebook DRM software, click here to get in touch with us or book a free demo to see it in action!



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