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Our Professional Services team is here to help on all matters relating to planning, implementing, and integrating a videos, documents, and images security solution for enterprise customers.

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Senior Level Expertise and Experience

Whether leading implementation projects, assisting systems integrator projects, or supporting your in-house IT team, our senior developers have a track record of delivering all types of projects on time and on budget. Our Professional Services team oversees or supports a variety of projects, including: upgrades and updates for existing customers, implementation and integration for new and existing clients, and has expertise in video conversion and  PDF document generation, content file searching and manipulation, and PDF to HTML5 content conversion.

Why Engage with Vitrium

Why Engage with Vitrium

Vitrium's Professional Services team is made up senior developers or implementation specialists who can assist your technical team or take the lead on IT projects related to Vitrium and your DRM initiatives. Utlilize our team in these situations:

  • When timelines are tight for getting the Vitrium project into production
  • When you have a lack of available in-house or contracted developers to assign the work 
  • When your in-house team is too busy with other projects
  • When you prefer to work with an experienced and knowledge team rather than outsource to someone new
Our Track Record

Our Track Record

Vitrium’s Professional Services team works with your organization to deliver on the goals you have for your videos, documents, and images security technology projects. Our Professional Services team has a track record of:

  • Delivering projects on time and within budget
  • Communicating with the customer throughout the engagement
  • Providing support before, during, and after the implementation
  • Preparing custom documentation for the customer
Upgrades to Enterprise

Upgrades to Enterprise

As your business grows, Vitrium's software can scale accordingly to meet your needs. Our technical services team can guide you through an upgrade to the Enterprise Edition, which will allow you to automate your processes, integrate with other systems, and take advantage of more single sign-on (SSO) options. Upgrade projects typically include:

  • A review of your current workflow
  • Mapping out your desired workflow
  • Assessing any requirements for a change in hosting or storage requirements 
  • Recommending specific APIs to use or SSO options to implement
  • Working closely with your team throughout the upgrade project 
  • Providing post-upgrade support
Upgrades to New Version

Upgrades to New Version

If you chose to self-host Vitrium but require to update to the latest version, Vitrium's team can help you with that process. It's always advisable to stay as current as possible due to the many improvements and enhancements the company makes to its software. Moving to our hosted platform will guarantee you will stay up to date. In an upgrade project, Vitrium will assist you with the following: 

  • Identify the scope of work and assess your current workflows
  • Upgrade your database and all associated Vitrium components to the newest version
  • Provide assistance to your team for testing, ensuring domains have been updated, SSL certs are in place, and so on
  • Providing post-upgrade support
Implementation of Vitrium

Implementation of Vitrium

Our Professional Services team has implemented Vitrium Security for hundreds of Enterprise customers, each with unique requirements and processes. Working closely with your team, project manager, or technology consultant, we determine the best option of deployment based on your security and workflow needs. Implementation projects cover:

  • Defining best method of deployment, whether hosted on Vitrium’s servers or installed On-Premise
  • Reviewing current APIs and integration possibilities
  • Analysis of current servers and database requirements
  • Training of system administrators and technical staff
  • Testing and support to ensure all project goals are achieved
Integration with Your Systems

Integration with Your Systems

Our Professional Services team can work with your team, a systems integrator, or other consultant to implement and integrate Vitrium Security in your business with any 3rd party or homegrown system. We take a deep look at your current systems to understand your needs and determine the videos, documents, and images processing and authentication integration that best benefits the way you do business. We have done successful integrations with:

  • Websites, Intranets or other web portals
  • Document management or content management systems
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • CRM systems and Databases such as Active Directory and others
  • And more!
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See Vitrium Security in Action

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