Secure File Sharing

With Vitrium Security you can share secure PDF documents while protecting confidential, sensitive or copyrighted information. Protect your intellectual property or revenue streams associated with documents or member subscriptions with our document security and hassle-free digital rights management (DRM) solution.

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Introducing Vitrium Security

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Encrypt Files

Add your files to Vitrium Security and the system will apply military-grade encryption. Acceptable formats include PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and we continue to add more!



Add Users & Groups

Decide who can access your secured files, place them in user groups, or leave them as individual recipients. Vitrium can also be integrated with other user credential systems.



Apply Controls

Control your files with various settings to control printing and copying, applying dynamic watermarks, setting device limits, IP limits, expiry dates, offline access, and more.



Share With Users

Create a secure HTML5 web link or secure PDF file and distribute to users. Send through email, your website, or a third-party system. Vitrium can be integrated with any system.


“Vitrium Security offers everything we need for our digital content security needs. We now feel secure in distributing our research reports online, knowing they are protected no matter where they go.”

Aggie Taylor, iData Research

File Encryption

  • 256-bit AES military-grade encryption
  • Security that travels with the document
  • Password protection or select your credential type
  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) and replay attack prevention

Document Controls

  • Set printing, copying, highlighting & annotations controls
  • Customize watermarks and apply dynamic data to them
  • Customize login forms, settings, policies, and more
  • Set document expiry dates or revoke at any time

User Controls

  • Add, modify or delete users & groups
  • Define DRM policies at user, group or global level
  • Assign, change or revoke permissions at any time
  • Set device, browser & IP limits
  • Track user activity & export reports

Tracking & Analytics

  • Access real-time analytical reports
  • Track user activity (file opened, date, IP address, and more)
  • Look up error messages, browser or applications being used
  • Analyze user behaviors (read-through-rate, pages viewed, etc.)

Seamless Access

  • No plug-ins or apps required for users to access content
  • Web & mobile-friendly access with Vitrium’s HTML5 web viewer
  • Compatibility with Adobe Reader & Acrobat PDF viewers
  • Easy to use administrator interface


  • Built-in integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Salesforce
  • Integrate with any 3rd party system including websites, document management, eCommerce, CRM, LMS, and more
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