How Financial Pricing Companies Improve Their Bottom Line with Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Using a digital rights management (DRM) solution in an industry such as market intelligence is the best guarantee of protecting their intellectual property. Companies such as Bloomberg, S&P Global, and Euromoney spend significant time and resources developing price reports, research reports and other data intelligence information that they distribute to their subscribers and other high-value clients. If you’re not protecting and controlling access to these digital assets, you’re risking both your reputation and the loss of new revenue opportunities. 

The Digital Assets Your Subscribers Demand

In the world of finance, things move quickly. Investors, financial advisors, brokers, etc… know that not having pertinent information at their fingertips can result in lost opportunities, and therefore, lost income. They rely on companies like yours to deliver the latest analyses, trends, and insider knowledge to guide them in making the best financial decisions for themselves and/or the businesses they work for. 

Most people don’t have time to read the memos, state of the company updates, stock reports, and all the other documents that individual businesses release on a daily, monthly or annual basis to keep potential and current shareholders, investors and partners up to date. Instead, they look to financial pricing companies to do all the legwork for them so they can quickly determine where their investments will yield the highest rate of return. 

Your company creates indexes, ratings, pricing assessments, articles, videos, podcasts, in-depth reports, and so much more. In essence, you hold the keys of critical information top decision-makers need access to because for them it could be the difference between making a wise investment choice early, and missing the boat completely. That’s why everything your financial pricing company creates is so valuable

Everything you develop is digital gold that has the potential to help someone make better financial decisions now and in the future. And, all of these digital assets need data protection so that only the people who are authorized to access it can do so. 

DRM Software is Data Protection for the Modern World


It’s no secret that data and information can be shared quickly and easily these days. The pricing report you worked tirelessly developing could end up in the hands of unauthorized users with a simple click of a button. Before you know it, hundreds of thousands of people could be reading your reports and information on a corporate network, file sharing account, LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Leaks like this can cost you the opportunity to earn more new revenue from prospective subscribers. That is unless you have digital rights management (DRM) software protecting your content. 

How does this software work, and which software is the best choice for your needs?

Enter Vitrium, the most versatile DRM solution on the market. Companies come to us when they need a comprehensive and diverse set of content protection, control, and analytics features. Working with us means a company can rest assured that their most valuable and confidential videos, audio files, documents, images and more are all going to be protected from piracy, leaks, and unauthorized access. 

You’ve worked so hard to set yourself up as an authority in your field, and we help you maintain that reputation by controlling who can see, download, share, and interact with your content. 

It’s never been easier to protect your digital assets.

Using our software takes just minutes to set up. Upload your files, choose the security protocols and the digital rights management (DRM) policies you want for each piece, and then share with authorized users through your custom branded secure client portal. It really is that seamless to protect your company’s valuable digital assets. Your users won’t have to download any complicated plug-ins or apps either as Vitrium-protected content works with today's web technology and popular PDF viewing applications. And, if you wish to automate any of these processes or integrate the technology with your website or back-end systems, Vitrium's APIs can hook into virtually any system.

For example, let’s say you distribute a highly sought after weekly price report on the oil and gas industry to your paying subscribers. Without document encryption, there is nothing to prevent a subscriber from sharing it with friends and colleagues. Once this document falls into the hands of unauthorized users, prospective subscribers might be less likely to pay for a subscription because they have other means of accessing your report. If instead, your company had used Vitrium’s digital rights management solution, the share would have been avoided, and your potential for additional revenue preserved. 

Revoking access is just as easy as granting it. 


Suppose your company wants to offer a free trial to view your content. With Vitrium, you can set expiration dates for individual or group of users. In fact, there are more than 20 different content protection and DRM controls on our platform. These controls include print and copy restrictions, device limits, IP address limits, dynamic watermarks, and many more. 

As soon as the free trial ends, you won’t have to worry about whether or not access has been revoked because it will automatically happen based on the limits you have set ahead of time. This also safeguards against continued access after a subscription period has ended for your paying customers even if the file has been downloaded to their computer since Vitrium's DRM technology travels with the document no matter where it goes.

Make better content development decisions as well.

When you use Vitrium, you also gain access to our tracking analytics. This gives you insights into how your content is being consumed. Your dashboard will let you see what files are being opened and viewed, who is accessing them, and how long they are viewing the content. 

Using this information, you’ll have a better idea as to which pieces or even which pages are resonating the most with your subscribers. Maybe it's a key graph on page 3 that is getting the most attention each week so you decide to move it to page 1, or perhaps the average read-through-rate on your 10-page reports is below 50% so you decide to condense it to 4 or 5 pages.

Vitrium: The DRM Software You Need

Hopefully, in reading this post you’ve realized how important digital rights management software is to your business. Your clients rely on you for access to the most up to date information, and you can rely on us to protect it from unauthorized users. 

We believe that the process of securing your company’s valuable content, and therefore your revenue and reputation, should be easy. We want to help you do just that. So what are you waiting for? Request a demo, or click here to contact our team.

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