Protect & Distribute Educational Content via Secure Portals

Whether your organization provides educational content for K-12, college or university, industry-related training, or for other advancements in academic achievement, a great way to distribute your course and training materials is within a secure portal, also known as a virtual data room. The reason for this is that it provides your trainees or students with all of the digital content they need in one place, while also ensuring that unauthorized users will not be able to gain access.

Maintain Value & Protect Your IP with Educational Content Security 

Whether you're an educational content provider that sells directly to teachers, school districts, or a training company that provides in-person or online courses, your content is valuable and the intellectual property (IP) contained within the content is even more valuable. 

If this information gets shared or accessed by people who have not paid for it, not only does this devalue your content but you're losing potential revenue and hurting your bottom line. Furthermore, you have no control over how your content is being used, potentially damaging your brand and reputation as well.

Don't put your company at risk! When you use a content protection and digital rights management (DRM) solution like Vitrium, you have full control over your educational content and other e-learning materials, whether they're in a document, video, image, or audio form. Vitrium protects over 20 different file formats!

Your content can be organized into different grades or subject matters, and then distributed to the intended users without the need to download special applications, plug-ins, or software. 

Your organization can also assign DRM controls that allow your materials to be viewed within a specific time period, on a certain number of devices, within a certain location or IP address range, and more. 

Use Case: Educational Content Providers

If you create, sell, or distribute educational content to the K-12 market, college, or university market, or direct to consumers or organizations, you can join the 50+ customers who use Vitrium to protect their eBooks, worksheets, videos, or other educational materials. 


Educational content providers like Center for Math & Teaching, Bisk Education, Write2Spell2Read, Elementary Mind Missions, Sharon Wells Mathematics, and more use Vitrium to protect the content they create or sell. 

Some distribute the protected content through Vitrium's secure portal, which has been customized to match their brand. Others distribute through a third-party learning management system (LMS) or other secure portals. 

In all cases, these companies have the assurance that their valuable content is secured, revenue streams protected, and they maintain control of their content at all times. The user activity log and other detailed analytics reports also help them identify who their most valuable clients are, which materials are accessed the most, read the most, or watched the most. 

Use Case: Training Providers, Training Departments, eLearning Divisions

If you are a training organization that provides in-person, online training or other e-learning courses direct to consumers, corporations, or others, you’ll definitely want to ensure your valuable content is protected and even more so if your firm creates or sells that training content! 

Associations, corporations, and other institutes may also need to protect the training content they create. If the training content is sold - whether direct or as part of membership - it should be protected as it represents a revenue stream in some form for the organization. But even if it’s not sold, it can still be important to protect, especially if it includes an organization’s intellectual property. 

Vitrium works with a diverse range of training providers, training departments and eLearning divisions such as:

      • IVES Training - a forklift certification training company 
      • Synopsys - an electronic design automation company 
      • Emu Systems - professional training company for the design & construction industry

Suppose you are running a pharmaceutical company, for example. Each branch of your company has to be trained for their unique role. From the scientists in the research and development department to the personnel in distribution - every subdivision has to meet certain criteria and be kept apprised of industry changes in order to maintain the highest quality in the medicines they are developing and distributing. 

Unauthorized users such as the company’s competitors would love to get their hands on these materials. It’s your job to make sure that this doesn’t happen so that your company’s industry secrets are protected, and your reputation and value is maintained. 

Making use of a secure content protection system, allows your company to load all of these private, internal training materials into one portal, and then distribute them as needed to the intended personnel only. Having one location where all of the materials are stored makes controlling access as simple as checking a few boxes so that only authorized users can see the materials that are meant for them. 

How to Set Up Your Secure Portal with Vitrium Security

Working with Vitrium Security is easy. If you can drag and drop files, you already have the skill set required to use our secure portal system. Additionally, our team will walk you through setting up your virtual data room. We will also help you add or upload your users, groups, and other important settings - Watermark Settings, Content Settings, and DRM Policy Settings. 


When you upload your educational or training content, you can apply the settings that we've helped set up for you, and assign the right users or groups along with the right DRM policies. 

Once your materials are loaded and permissions are assigned, it’s easy to add, modify, and delete users or groups at any time of day. Likewise, it’s easy to replace any content if you made a change or caught a mistake in the file you originally uploaded.

Your logo can also be added to your secure portal for seamless branding, or, if you prefer to use your own website, secure portal or third-party system like a learning management system (LMS), Vitrium Security integrates with your existing system to provide single sign-on (SSO) access for your students or trainees. 

Gain Insights & Track User Behaviour

Vitrium also provides your organization with tracking and analytics so you can understand how your protected content is being accessed, and how your students or trainees are consuming the content. 

Imagine being able to answer questions like:

      • Is my content getting enough views?
      • What pages are people reading the most?
      • What content is being printed or accessed the most?
      • Are videos being consumed more than documents?
      • Which videos are being watched the most?
      • Did my students/trainees read all of the materials in the secure portal?


By answering questions like these, you can gain insights into which materials are resonating the most with your users. This can also help you understand why some students/trainees are more successful than others. 

For example, if a large portion of your students or trainees is not passing their assessments/certification exams, it may be because they are watching the videos and not reading the documents. If you offer more video content as a result of this knowledge, perhaps your users will be more successful. Using this information, you can keep improving the value of your educational content for your users, and consequently grow your business. 

Vitrium Helps Protect Your Content & Protects Your Business

Moving your educational or training content online can be risky but in today's day it has become a necessity, especially given the current coronavirus pandemic. Advancements in technology have also made it easier to share information and share files, which puts your content and your revenue streams at risk.

Reduce your risk by using a secure content protection and digital rights management (DRM) solution like Vitrium. Set up a secure portal for distributing your content or integrate with your LMS.

Download eBook:The Best Protection for Digital Assets: Virtual Data Rooms with DRM Controls

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