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Why don't I see the 'Save for offline use' button in the web viewer?

There are two reasons why this button may not appear for you or your end users:

  1. Check the DRM Policy Setting that is assigned to your user in your Vitrium account and make sure that the Offline Access field has a value that's greater than 0. For Enterprise customers that integrate with an external system, you may need to check your code. 

  2. If the DRM Policy assigned to your user appears correct and you have External Service enabled on your account, then follow these steps:

    1. In your Vitrium account, go to the Settings tab 
    2. Click on Integration Settings, ensure Enable SSO is enabled(checked).
    3. Make sure the 'Remember Me' option is enabled (checked). If it isn't, enable it and click Save Settings.






How do I add a new login form?

Uploading a new Login Form is easy, though it does offer some restrictions depending on the type of product you subscribe to.

Which login page gets customized?

By default, all customers get one complimentary customized secured PDF and/or Web Viewer login page (secured web link). These login pages can be customized by incorporating your company logo, as well as any extra verbiage you wish to be included (instructions, guidelines, etc). You basically need to send us your company logo, along with any instructions you wish for us to incorporate on your login page. 

What style of image/logo do I need to provide?

We will need a copy of your company logo in a vector-style format. Vector images usually have file extensions like .png .pdf .eps .ai .svg .bmp .jpeg

How do I upload it to my account?

Standard Edition accounts cannot upload it in their account on their own. This is a feature only available for our Pro and Enterprise customers - we would have to upload it for you ourselves :) 

Pro and Enterprise Hosted can follow these steps for instructions on how they can upload their login page to their account after our staff at Vitrium has modified the login page(s) for you. Understand, however, that both types of customers can only upload the secured PDF login page and not the secured web link (Web Viewer) login page - we can do this from the back end for you:

  1. Go to the Settings Tab> Login Form> Add Login Form
  2. Browse from your computer folder(s)
  3. Type the name you wish to label it and then click Save
  4. To make it active, you will have to create a new Document Setting Policy and make sure that the login page you've uploaded is selected. Click Save when done and apply it on your new and/or your existing documents.

    If you're wanting to replace the document settings on your existing documents, you will need to regenerate the file(s). If you're going to be sharing your secured files via the secured web link (Web Viewer), understand that the changes will be instantaneous - meaning you don't need to resend the link to the existing readers already accessing your secured contents.

    If you're wanting to share your files in a secured PDF version - where they'll be required to use Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro to unlock your secured contents - then you will have to re-download the file and re-distribute, soon after you've changed and regenerated their respective Document Settings Policy (Documents Tab>Click on the file> Change Document Settings).