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My user cannot access Vitrium-protected content. What should I do?

There are a number of different reasons why a user might not be able to access Vitrium-protected content and there are a number of different factors to consider:  

If the issue is affecting all users, send a support ticket to Vitrium immediately. If you use Vitrium Enterprise, be sure to also check the system that Vitrium is integrated with. 

If the issue affecting one user only, review the User Activity Report in your Vitrium account to see if any error codes appear. 

      If there is an Error Code, check the User Activity Error Code Guide for further steps.

      If there is no Error Code, ask the user the following questions:

  1. Are they connected to the Internet? They need to be connected in order to be authenticated.

  2. Are they trying to open the protected PDF version (which requires Adobe) or the web viewer link? If they say they keep entering the "Login" button but nothing happens, then it's likely they are trying to open the protected PDF version in a browser or with an unsupported PDF viewer like Foxit or Mac Preview. Remind them to download the PDF and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF X-Change.

  3. If it is the web viewer they are trying to open and the authentication is not going through, then it's likely a firewall or proxy server interrupting the communication.

    Ask the user to have their IT department whitelist the following domains on port 443 (https):
        -  or the domain that your company is using for Vitrium content 

    If they can't wait for their IT department to do this, ask the user to try opening the content at a different location (a different IP address), or from their mobile phone using their data plan. If they can access it from a different location or from their phone using data, then the issue is likely a firewall or proxy server.

  4. If it is the protected PDF and they are using Adobe, then they might need to disable the Adobe global object security policy. To do this, instruct your user to follow these steps:
        -  Open Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro
        -  From the top menu bar, click Edit, then select Preferences
        -  In the next window, select JavaScript 
        -  Uncheck (de-select) the 'Enable global object security policy' 
        -  Open the protected content again in Adobe

Will my video get uploaded if its max resolution is lower than my selections in the content settings?

Yes, your video will still get uploaded.

For example, if your original video has a max resolution of 480p, but your Video Content Settings in Vitrium has 1080p selected, your video will still convert to Vitrium's protected streaming format, but it will stay at the same 480p resolution.  


How can I fix protected PDF printing issues in Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader has certain print settings that may render your protected PDF document as 'unreadable'. Our software views this as a form 'modification,' forcing the document to lock again and hence the reason why you’re seeing 'This Document is Protected' when printing the document.

One way to resolve this is to "uncheck" the Save ink/toner field and then re-print your document.  If that doesn't resolve your printing, submit a ticket to the Vitrium support team. 

How can I get my content to print in Edge?
  1. Using the secured web link provided, enter your Username and Password, then click LOGIN
  2. On the top-right hand corner, click on the print icon 
  3. A processing page will occur as it’s generating a high resolution file of the content.Click Continue Print
  4. Click Print to print the content after you have reviewed the settings.



What are the best practices for printing from the Vitrium Web Viewer

Best practices for printing from the Vitrium Web Viewer:

Best browsers to print from:

Windows Macbook, iPhone, iPad Android
Chrome, Firefox Safari, Chrome Chrome, Firefox


If your document is over 100 pages on Windows or Macbook and a user selects print; after the 100 pages print they will need to click on the 'Continue' button to print the next 100 pages until the entire document prints. This rule applies for  documents larger than 20 page on Android or iPhone. This is due to a limitation in browsers memory.

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