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Why don't I see the 'Save for offline use' button in the web viewer?

There are two reasons why this button may not appear for you or your end users:

  1. Check the DRM Policy Setting that is assigned to your user in your Vitrium account and make sure that the Offline Access field has a value that's greater than 0. For Enterprise customers that integrate with an external system, you may need to check your code. 

  2. If the DRM Policy assigned to your user appears correct and you have External Service enabled on your account, then follow these steps:

    1. In your Vitrium account, go to the Settings tab 
    2. Click on Integration Settings, ensure Enable SSO is enabled(checked).
    3. Make sure the 'Remember Me' option is enabled (checked). If it isn't, enable it and click Save Settings.






Will my embedded hyperlinks still work in the content?

Yes, in most cases, the embedded hyperlinks in your secured content will work. The links are fully functional with the secured PDF with Adobe or Acrobat application. 


What kind of password should I set up for the recipients of my content?


We recommend that you initially set up your Users (the recipients of your content) with a strong password, minimum 8 characters, and one that uses a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

We also recommend you select "Force user to change password" when you're adding Users into your Vitrium account as this way, the User can select their own password which may be more familiar to them. 


For additional password controls, be sure to read more about our "Security Settings" in the Vitrium Security Admin Manual.