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Can I restrict users from printing a document?

Yes, absolutely you can! Print restrictions is one of over 20 DRM controls that you can set in Vitrium.

You can restrict printing in two different ways:

  1. In Content Settings, ensure you DO NOT check the Allow Printing option
  2. In DRM Policy Settings, ensure you enter 0 beside the field(s)
        -  Web Browser Print Limit
        -  Download to Print Limit

Option 1 is ideal if you want to restrict all users from printing a document.

Option 2 is ideal if you only want to restrict certain users from printing. You would need to create at least two separate DRM Policy Settings if this is the case - one that restricts printing and one that does not. 


What are the recommended Adobe InDesign PDF export settings to use before uploading PDFs to Vitrium?

If you use Adobe InDesign to produce your content, then you should consider using these PDF Export Settings before uploading the PDF to Vitrium. These settings will provide you the most optimal conversion to Vitrium's web viewer. 

You can manually create a preset by referencing the screen prints below or import same by downloading this joboptions file and loading it into your InDesign application. Here's how to import the settings:

To import an Adobe PDF Preset (Windows):

  1. In your InDesign app, go to File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define
  2. Click LOAD button, browse, and select the *.joboptions file that you want to import

If you want to share your settings with someone else, then here's how to export the settings:

To export an Adobe PDF Preset (Windows):

  1. In your InDesign app, go to File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define
  2. Scroll to select the setting to be exported and then click SAVE AS and give it a filename keeping the extension .joboptions



To manually define settings, simply clone these settings in your environment:


Note - If you have some objects like pictures/drawings etc where attribute is set to 'Non-Printing'. Please make sure to enable 'Non-Printing Object' button under the Include section. 







After you export your InDesign file to a PDF following the above steps, we also recommend further optimizing your PDF using Adobe Acrobat's advanced optimization settings

If you find that these InDesign PDF export settings are not helpful in resolving the Web Viewer presentation of your content, then please reach out to our team. 



Why is my content not loading and why am I seeing a message about a proxy server?

The problem is usually caused by a proxy server or firewall that interrupts the communication between the content and the authentication server.

To resolve this issue, ask your IT department to whitelist the domain on port 443 (https). The domain may differ for different users so be sure to check which domain the content is delivered from, however, it may be one of these:    

Why do proxy servers or firewalls block the content? 

Proxy servers and firewalls are designed to protect your organization from unwanted viruses, malware and other phishing type schemes. However, some types of communication is safe, such as the content you're trying to access as this is coming from a legitimate and trusted source.

How do I make these changes?

You need to speak to your IT admin as they'll know what to do but here are some quick tips:

  1. For proxy or firewall configurations, your IT person must ALLOW direct communication with the domain that the content is being sent from on port 443 - the domain might be or or the domain of the customer who sent the link to the file
  2. For Adobe Reader/Acrobat configurations, follow these steps: 
    • Open the Adobe Reader or Acrobat program
    • From the top men, select Edit > Preferences
    • Under Categories, click Trust Manager
    • Click the change Settings button
    • Add the applicable domain to the "Allow communication" section 

How can I check for a proxy server:

  1. Click on the Start Menu and open Settings
  2. Select Network & Internet > Proxy
  3. Under Manual proxy setup, check to see if the "Use a proxy server" box is selected

What error message does the user see in Adobe Reader or Acrobat?

They would see a pop-up message like this: 

How do I open Vitrium protected PDF documents with PDF-Xchange?

Along with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro, Vitrium's protected PDF files also work with PDF-XChange. This PDF viewer is only available for Windows users.

A free download is available here:

Supported operating systems: Windows XP or later. Please note that this product has been discontinued and there will be no further development or bug fixes

NOTE: Users will need to ensure JavaScript is enabled and the global object security policy is disabled. There is NO security risk to your users if they disable the global object security policy. Doing this will ensure the 'device limit' DRM policy will work effectively.  

Steps to follow BEFORE opening a Vitrium protected PDF file: 

  • Open PDF-XChange
  • Select File > Preferences > JavaScript
    • Ensure "Enable JavaScript Actions" is CHECKED (enabled)
    • Ensure "Enable global object security policy" is UNCHECKED (disabled)